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Welcome to Metro Parts

About Metro 

Metro car breakers has been dismantling and selling used motor parts since 1957 with an emphasis on supplying good quality parts and offering a fast, efficient service.  By recycling parts we help to conserve energy and natural resources whilst at the same time providing much needed services to vehicle owners, garages and repair centers, and insurance companies.  Every vehicle, whether purchased from an individual, garage owner or insurance company is inspected thoroughly and dismantled by experienced mechanics in the Metro workshops. Only parts that have been vigorously checked, tested and cleaned are kept and logged onto our computers for immediate and easy location, when they are required.  Written-off vehicles are often brought to us, many with body panels that have been left untouched by the accident and remain perfectly intact and rust free. We dismantle these parts which are stored in our huge warehouse on site, and filed onto our computers.  This allows us to supply parts in complete units, e.g.; bootlids come with hinges and locks; doors are complete with glass, handles, locks and interior panels. A large selection of low mileage engines and gearboxes, and electrical components are always in stock. 

For the customer 

The task of locating a scrap yard, having to dismantle the parts themselves in cold, muddy and oily conditions and then taking the chance that the parts will actually work has been eliminated.  At Metro all you have to do is complete our part request form, email us, pick up the phone, or send a fax list. Your request will be dealt with immediately. Your details will be fed into our computers and within seconds we can tell you if the parts you require are available and any other information relevant to the part. The requested parts will be brought from our warehouse to the reception where you can call-in and collect the goods yourself, or alternatively we can arrange delivery to almost anywhere in the world (once payment has been received).